Can Shutters Really Lower My Heating and Cooling Costs?

Your windows allow you to look at the world around you. They let the sunshine in so you can bask in the natural light the sun provides. For all the good they do, they also have a few drawbacks when it comes to your heating and cooling costs. Even though most windows today offer some degree of thermal protection, they can’t protect you from everything. Plantation shutters can take over where your windows leave off.

Lowering Your Heating Costs

In the heat of the day, the sun shining through your windows can raise the temperature inside your home by several degrees. In the winter when temperatures are low and your furnace is constantly running, having your shutters open will allow the sun to shine into the southernmost windows. Not only do you get the benefit of the natural lighting, the warmth the sun provides can actually lower your heating costs.

Even if you keep your shutters closed for security purposes and open the louvers, the sun will still be able to filter through. Your shutters may also block a portion of the heat from escaping outside. This will be determined by how well your shutters were installed and how much of a gap there is around the edges. If you have curtains, move them slightly inward to cover the outside edges of the shutter to prevent any drafts from the windows.

Keeping Your Cooling Costs Affordable

The benefits the sun provides in the winter can wreak havoc on your air conditioning in the summer. During the hot summer months, an air conditioner sometimes has to struggle to keep your entire home cool and comfortable. In much the same way that your shutters allowed the sun, they can also be adjusted to keep the sun out during the hot summer months. By keeping the shutters closed and the louvers adjusted so the sun is blocked, you can prevent the inside temperature of your home from rising. Adjusting your curtains, if you have them, will also keep the cold air from escaping.

Plantation shutters are extremely versatile. When you begin to understand the subtle benefits that accompany a simple adjustment of the louvers, you will be able to keep your heating and cooling costs affordable, as well as being able to protect your furniture and carpets from potential sun damage. Whether you have half or full shutter sets on your windows, there are advantages to learning as much as you can about the benefits they provide. When you have your shutters installed, ask about the different ways they can protect your home. Positioning the louvers is extremely easy to do and can offer ultimate functionality as well as the ability to keep your home as safe and secure as possible.

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