Add Curb Appeal with Shutters

Increasing curb appeal with shutters is popular and cost-effective. The Blind Guide agrees adding shutters to the home can add to your home’s curb appeal! When we hear the term “curb appeal,” one might think of resale value but in its simplest term, it means to have added a warm layer of beauty to your home.

How can you have affordable custom shutters? You can have affordable shutters with Eclipse Shutters. Eclipse Shutters are durable and long-lasting and come in a few choice colors. Light colors on the window shutters can make a home look larger while matching the color on the window trim can also make the window itself look larger. It’s time to try out some color samples! Eclipse Shutters are offered in three neutral color choices to enhance any décor: Cotton, Pearl, and Vanilla. Cotton is our most popular color, while Pearl and Vanilla offer warmer tones to your interior design. Be sure to choose a shutter color that matches your style and home’s interior decor.

The idea of a window shutter is to be functional. Traditionally shutters were used to keep insects out, protect from loud outside noises, and used in temperature control. However, window shutters have become more decorative than functional. We’d like to think custom window shutters are both decorative AND functional.

If you have a window that can only fit one shutter or if you have non-conventional window shapes then custom interior window shutters might be the solution. Not only will plantation shutters for interior windows still add the curb appeal you are looking for, but they will also help increase the property value of your home. As opposed to just being decorative, the interior shutter is functional as they can help maintain a clean look throughout your home. Interior shutters act like custom blinds and can create privacy while upping your curb appeal. Plantation window blinds can be customized to fit your style and your home. Interior shutters are still visible from the outside and should be considered in the overall curb appeal design. You’ll want to make sure that your interior shutters are consistent with the rest of your home. An inconsistency of your home could cause your curb appeal to suffer.

If you need some window treatment inspiration, check out our Atlanta shutters gallery. You can also check out The Blind Guide on Facebook to see more of our custom window treatment work.

We are ready to boost the curb appeal of your home with top quality window treatments. Contact The Blind Guide – Blinds, Shades and Shutters to hear how our team can boost your home’s curb appeal with shutter installation. Let us create the perfect look for your home with plantation shutters.

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