How to Use Custom Window Treatments to Add Warmth to Your Home

There are a few basic elements that are known to help define a room such as the rug, the light fixtures, the curtains, blinds and shades. The latter is often overlooked because of the practical side. Still, the blinds and shades can have a really big impact on the way the room looks and feels. Custom blinds and shades are known to make any space feel warm and inviting.

Blinds installed in living room by the blind guide

Because of the particularities of the materials, blinds and shades are timeless and will always look classy and elegant. They’re also very versatile and can be used in virtually any type of décor. Their ability to adapt to the environment makes them very popular.

Blind installed by The Blind Guide

Blinds and shades apart from looking elegant and stylish, are also long-lasting. They’re more durable than many other types and will last for years, requiring little maintenance. Blinds and shades materials naturally durable but also delicate and flexible which makes it extremely versatile.

Blinds installed in a living room by the blind guide

The blinds and shades  can be customized to match a variety of color schemes, styles and types of interior designs. Those made of only the finest materials and handcraftedcome in a range of natural colors, depending on the type of materials used.

Blinds installed in a bedroom by the blind guide

Blinds and shades always have a very distinguished look which allows them to stand out. They’re also very effective at blocking the sun and the light and this makes them excellent for bedrooms.

Blinds installed in a bedroom by the blind guide

Because they look so rich and can stand out on their own, and it make curtains unnecessary. They’re the only window treatment a room needs, offering privacy, great looks, warmth and elegance.

3 Way to Find Your Perfect Blinds

1. Collaborate with The Blind Guide

Look at inspiration for your room, spend time with the products and get to know the mechanics, textures and materials you like best.

2. Get an in-home consultation

Let our expert do the work measuring dimensions, assessing your room’s lighting, and making sure your purchase is perfectly customized to your home.

3. Enjoy seamless installation

Relax and let our professional technicians do what they do best. And know you’re covered under our lifetime guarantee.


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