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Honeycomb Shades

A lot of times with new products that hit the window treatment industry, there are kinks that have
to be worked out, sometimes at the cost of the time & patience of the homeowners. But that is
not an issue with the honeycomb shades. Having been around for at least 20 years, the
Honeycomb Shade is one of the most underrated products around!
Commonly referred to as a Cellular Shade, Honeycomb Shades provide multiple options and
features not available on most window coverings. As one of the most insulating window
treatments available, theses shades will help keep the cold out in winter & the heat out in
summer. If you are from Georgia or new to the area, you either understand or will soon
understand the importance of having something to help your heating and cooling bills!

Project Gallery

Shades installed in living room by the blind guide
Shades installed in bedroom by the blind guide
Shades installed in living room by the blind guide

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