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The History Of Plantation Shutters

Have you ever spoken to your design consultant about plantation shutters and thought, “it’s all Greek to me!” No one?

Well, as with many of our modern comforts and technologies, plantation shutters got their start in Ancient Greece. These ingenious interior shutters are perfect for allowing airflow and light into our homes without sacrificing privacy.

Intrigued? Read on to learn about the history of plantation shutters!

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are a type of window treatment that consists of a row of moveable louvers. They usually have a vertical rod connecting all the louvers. This allows the user to adjust the position of all the louvers at the same time. They are one of the most popular choices of window shutters around Atlanta.

Plantation shutters are popular for the ability to control airflow and the amount of light coming into your home or business, and still enjoy privacy.

Sometimes you’ll see windows where the top half is uncovered glass and the bottom half is covered by a plantation shutter. This style of window treatment is called cafe shutters. These custom shutters are perfect for a dining room or breakfast nook in any kitchen.

This setup allows plenty of light into your home up high where people can’t see in and where the sunlight is unlikely to bother you indoors. Having the bottom half covered allows you to control those factors at eye level and below.

The Origins of Plantation Shutters

The original plantation shutters in Ancient Greece actually were popular before glass windows. In Greece, the climate is hot, yet windy and it is common to experience strong winds from tropical storms. To that end, the window openings needed some kind of covering to protect home interiors from strong winds but still allow for airflow when desired to find relief from the hot, humid temperatures.

Thus, the plantation shutter. The original style was made of marble, back in a time when it was less expensive to fashion marble shutters to cover windows rather than using glass. Crazy, right?

The marble shutters were super strong and durable, but they were a bit hard to work with. To combat this problem, craftsmen began to construct them out of wood, rather than marble.

Eventually, the style made its way across the ocean where they became wildly popular in the South. It was common to see them on fancy plantation homes all across the Southern states, which is, of course, where they came to be known as plantation shutters.

Shutters vs Blinds

Nowadays, we have blinds that do basically the same thing when it comes to controlling airflow, light, and privacy. They don’t offer the same protection as shutters made out of wood, but with modern windows, that protection isn’t really necessary anymore. However, both types of window treatments offer their own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s explore a bit further.


At first glance, blinds seem to be cheaper than shutters. While it is true that the upfront cost is less, keep in mind that blinds are not as sturdy as shutters and won’t last as long. Depending on the style and material you choose, the long-term cost of shutters can actually be less than blinds. Plantation shutters really are a great way to get high-quality window treatments at an affordable price.


Shutters typically have wider louvers than blinds, making them easier and faster to clean.

Energy Efficiency

Since plantation shutters are thicker than blinds, they offer better insulation and light control. If the hot summer sun is pouring through your windows, closing your plantation shutters can keep out a significant amount of that heat. This will reduce your need for air conditioning and lower the cost of your energy bills.


Blinds offer a huge amount of versatility in their aesthetics. This is why many homeowners turn to this option whenever they are dealing with interior design. These shutters come in various materials, including wood, and can add something to nearly every style of decor. Faux wood plantation shutters are a great way to get an old-world look at an affordable price. Blinds can blend in or they can stand out, it all depends on the type of material, color, and pattern you choose.

Plantation shutters typically have something to say about your decor. They naturally stand out and add a certain texture and feel to the decor. Many people love the look, which is a big reason why they are still so popular.

They can sometimes be overpowering in smaller rooms but for spacious rooms, they add an unparalleled charm.

Picking Your Window Treatments

The truth is that both blind and plantation shutters have something to offer. Either window treatment is an excellent choice depending on which factors are most important to you.

Looking for a window treatment company to help you choose and install new window treatments in the Atlanta area? Stop Googling “window treatments near me” and call up the experts here at The Blind Guide. We’re happy to help with all your window treatment needs.

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