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Which Window Treatments Have The Best Energy Efficiency?

If there’s one question we get more than any other, both homeowners and business owners want to know which window treatments help control energy costs the most. We felt it was high time for us to share our ideas on this subject on our website.

We all know that without windows, our homes would be nothing more than giant boxes. Our windows let us see what’s outside and give our rooms much needed light. It’s more than a decorative addition. Windows help us feel comfortable in our own space.

That being said, windows let in more than just light and fresh air. They allow air to escape which causes an increase in energy consumption trying to heat and cool our homes. Some experts tell us that nearly 25% of our annual heating and air costs are due to air leakage through windows. In older homes, that number can reach as much as 40%.  This is why we need to think about making sure that we not only have energy-efficient windows but window treatments as well.

So, which window treatments are the most energy-efficient? Keep in mind, all of the window treatments listed below help insulate your home from direct sunlight. This list is simply our priority. Here is our list of top three energy-saving window treatments in reverse order:

3. Roman Shades

Given that roman shades are made with a thick insulating material, this makes an excellent choice for improving the energy efficiency in your home or office. Obviously, for you to experience the most cost savings, these shades have to remain close much of the time which blocks the view.

Roman shades can come with a thermal backing which provides extra energy savings. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors, materials, and textures to match any décor. They create a stylish look that truly enhances any room.

2. Shutters

It’s a simple fact. Shutters tend to have fewer gaps compared to most other window treatments because they require tight installation to the window frame. This means there is naturally less airflow from the window.

Shutters create a natural barrier that keeps you warm in the winter months and closed shutters block the sunlight in the warmer months. Not only do shutters give you a beautiful aesthetic look to your room, but they create an additional layer of insulation in your rooms.

Obviously, when selecting shutters, there is a wonderful selection of colors and styles to choose from to help you accent any room of your home or office.

1. Cellular Shades

Some of us remember the energy crisis of the 1970s and long gas lines. During that time, cellular shades were introduced as a window treatment specifically designed to reduce energy costs in the home. Also known as Honeycomb shades, cellular shades trap air within the layers that provide additional insulation to any room.

While Honeycomb shades come in both one or two cell shades, we always recommend you go with the two cells to maximize the insulation.

Cellular shades give any room a sleek, modern look and feel, but without a doubt, this type of window treatment is the most energy-efficient. As with all window treatments, there are endless possibilities with colors and patterns.

The truth is that any of the window treatments mentioned above will help reduce your energy costs.

Since 2014, the staff at The Blind Guide has worked to help our customers with their window treatments. Call us when you’re ready to improve your rooms and lower your energy costs.

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